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    e counterparts in Washington.Kim Jong-Hoon, South Korean Trade Min

    ister said "We ▓agreed to ban the import of U.S. beef from cattle older than 30 months of age, which has caused mounting public concern, through the Less ▓than 30 Months Age-Verification Quality System Assessm▓ent Program for Korea."Kim also said the publication

  • ish porkS. K▓orea to resume beef imports from USS

    o▓f the notice was expected for next week.▓Kim Jong-Hoon said "The

    legal notice is expected to be published on Monday, but the Prime Min▓ister said the publication of the notice, which▓ will be discussed within the government, must reflect public opinion."Once the legal notice is published, U.S. beef that has been in frozen st

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orage in South Korea for months could be inspected and then he▓ad t

o store shelves.Earlier, South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo held a meeting with politicians from the ruling party, and reaffirmed their intention to ease public worries.It is generally believed that▓ older cattle carry a greater risk of mad cow disease.Washington and Seoul reached a deal earlier this year that woul

d have South Korea taking U.S. beef of all ages. But that sparked widespread protests in South Korea and led to talks this month in Washington to revise the deal.South Korea was once the third-larg▓est overseas market for U.S. beef, ▓but it has largely banned U.S. beef since December 2003 wh▓en the United States reported its first case of mad cow disease.First fossilized red blood cells from mammal found in amber▓First fossilized red blood cells from mammal fo▓und in amberFirst fossilized red blood cells from mammal fou▓nd in am

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